The Climax staff meets every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. in the library KIVA room.

Apply to work with The Climax!

1. Staff Writer

As a staff writer, you are expected to write for each of the four issues in a semester. You do not have to stay in the same section for the entire semester; we encourage staff writers to try writing for multiple areas in the paper. Articles range from 500-2500 words in length. Interviews, research, and thoughtful prose are expected. Sections to write for include News, Features, Opinion, Blogs, Creative Pieces and Arts and Entertainment.

We are currently interested in students who are passionate and excited about writing commentary/blog type articles that critic/praise political and social events, including: commentary on celebrities, politicians, government bills, campaigns, movies, T.V. shows, clothing, etc. Commenting on the power relations, race & gender issues, civil rights issues, drug issues, etc on current events is especially desired. (No interviewing is absolutely necessary for these kinds of articles.)

2. Section Editor (News, Opinion, etc.)

Section Editors are responsible for their pages of the newspapers. Responsibilities also range from section to section, but the general requirements are as followed:

  1. You must attend all assignment meetings, and come prepared with story ideas for writers.
  2. Write at least 3 stories a semester.
  3. Make sure all assigned stories are turned in on time. Keep your section of The Climax online updated.
  4. Make sure every writer in your section meets with you to go over his or her draft.
  5. Edit (for Copy, Clarity, and Cohesion) all articles in your section.
  6. Maintain dialogue with relevant administrators, faculty members, etc.. Stay informed with news concerning your section. Actively recruit writers for new or emerging stories.

3. Layout Staff* 

The newspaper is laid out once a month during a 4-day period known as Production Weekend. Generally these days fall from Sunday to Wednesday. Production can extend to very late hours, so staff must be flexible and willing to dedicate serious time and effort during these weekends. Members of the layout staff are assigned certain pages, and are responsible for laying out those sections in cohesive way.

* Please note that currently The Climax is focusing on its online presence, therefore meaning there will be no printed editions for the semester of Fall 2013. 

4. Copy Editor

The copy editor is responsible for reviewing all articles prior to publishing. He or she is also charged with organizing and scheduling the various copy staff members, who help with copy editing. Must be highly versed in AP Style, grammatical rules, and syntax. Copy editing takes place during Production Weekend, usually over a 2-day period.

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