In 1971, one year after Hampshire College’s inception, The Climax came to print. A mix of division level students spearheaded The Climax after the first student newspaper, The Paper People, dwindled after a year of printing. Printed on thick white and beige printing paper, with no photos or bold headlines, the first issue of The Climax outlined its hopes of absorbing the motto of The Paper People (“All the news that’s unfit to print”) while also becoming a permanent publication for and of the Hampshire community. Students contributed political commentary, politically oriented poetry, satirical illustrations, news articles, and a variety of feature stories including profiles, want ads, personals and a small “Thoughts” section. Like today, the newspaper staff strove to guarantee that the publication would serve as a catalyst for a more regular and formal communication between faculty, staff, and students.

Gradually, The Climax began to take on a more formal newspaper aesthetic; it evolved beyond the stapled printing paper and began to use a fold, large photos, and bold headlines. Each issue called for the community to contribute their thoughts and opinions. All the news that’s both fit and unfit to print, it said, was only possible if members of the Hampshire community wrote in. This is still very true today.

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