The Climax is the student-run newspaper of Hampshire College.

We hope to serve two main functions on this campus. As a community forum, we aim to both announce news about the Hampshire community, and present thoughtful analysis of issues pertaining to this campus and the world at large. We hope to be a comprehensive source of information as well as a site for dialogue and discussion. The editors are particularly interested in social and political commentary and analysis related to campus events and global issues. We know that The Climax will function at its best when its connections with staff, faculty, students, and student groups are strong. Thus, we hope to use The Climax to present the voices of a diverse cross section of Hampshire College as we aim to be as open and inclusive as possible. This is, we believe, an integral principal of journalism that must be upheld both at this school and beyond. We aim to include (albeit not exclusively) political writings, pop culture commentary, and writings from those traditionally underrepresented within the media.

The Climax aims to publish weekly online as well as 2-3 substantial print issues a semester.

As one of the few outlets for students to explore their interests in journalism while at Hampshire College, we hope to work with students at any point in their divisional work. Students that demonstrate a consistent engagement can fulfill both Campus- Engaged Learning (CEL-1) and Community Engagement and Learning (CEL-2) requirements through working with The Climax. The Climax will gladly work with any interested writers, photographers, graphic designers, multimedia artists, and web designers. We hold regular staff meetings that are open to all members of the Hampshire community.

The views expressed in The Climax do not necessarily reflect those of the paper, its staff, or Hampshire College. All content is copyright 2013, The Climax. All rights reserved.

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