A user’s guide to the ICU franchise

Ben Cowper Photography Editor

From its inception as a Tumblr page to its current form as a fully featured missed connections website, ICU Hampy has revolutionized my pre-homework procrastination routine. Facebook, Email, Netflix, Wikipedia’s featured article, Zoo Tycoon,, Laundryview (just for shoots and googles), and ICU Hampy.

ICU Hampy, moderated by the infamously mysterious “NG” is under new management. For the first time ever we’re seeing some real names attached to the site, most notably Ajmal Jackson-Brown who will stop at nothing to get his name out there. Early on in the year I was given a business card bearing his name and the site’s url. Guess the secret’s out, right? Not completely. The website’s moderators are still kept secret (presumably to protect them from public scrutiny). The new crew is serious about bringing the site into the 21st century with a full interface redesign, expansion to other colleges, and the introduction of some cool new features to keep you away from your homework for even longer.

ICU Dakin fire alarm that just happened outside my window…sucks to suck. –ICUHampy

The Hole

One of the biggest complaints that’s always been thrown around about ICU Hampy is the censorship. The rules about posting have always been vague. As a Tumblr, the site was exclusively for missed connections with one restriction: no real names. At this point it seems as though the rules are more ambiguous and what gets published is purely at the discretion of “NG”. The Hole is meant to appease those whose posts are rejected. If the moderator denies a post it goes to The Hole where it spends a short amount of time before it is automatically deleted.

I spoke with a student, who chose to remain anonymous, about The Hole. The individual told me they believe the site’s censorship is excessive, explaining “I posted something about acid and it immediately went in The Hole. Nowhere in the terms does it say we can’t talk about drugs.”

As expected, students are still bitter when their posts don’t make it to the main site.

I’m so vain i think that every other post on here is mine. –ICUHampy


2009 called, they want their penises back. This short lived feature of the new site allowed Hampshire students to video chat with each other at random. I never had the pleasure of using this feature and it has recently been removed because of the strain on the site’s server. All we can hope is that it comes back full force and is not infiltrated by the general Internet populous, of course we can always get our nudity fix on a different unnamed Tumblr site. I don’t know why I assume a video chat feature will be used for illicit purposes; perhaps I was scarred as a child?

I let you borrow my cup early in the semester, I kind of want it back and I kind of want to make out with you. –ICUAmherst

Five Colleges

ICU Hampy is no longer just for Hampshire students. The site is currently making the jump to the five colleges and possibly more. ICU Amherst is already packed with missed connection posts but lacks the bizarre charm of those written at Hampshire. Recently the Smith section of the site has been rolled out, and once again is less eye-catching and a little bit slow to catch on. I eagerly await the other colleges with some apprehension about a UMass section. Who will moderate this tidal wave of posts by frat bros and sorority sisters?

QT with the bob and bright green headphones. You are sooo fucking cute! –ICUSmithy

The site continues to add new features and it’s well worth your time to check out the 5 college pages. See more at

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