18 things that could improve campus health other than banning cigarettes

  1. Healthier meat at saga, less processed foods
  2. Cleaning up students’ rooms before they come back to Hampshire
  3. Relatedly, fixing the mold problem in student living areas
  4. Try to offer foods healthier than pizza
  5. Keep the athletic centers open more often
  6. Promote information about smoking in a more efficient way than the occasional paper flyer
  7. Promote better content about smoking than what is present on said flyers
  8. Promote health-repeated messages through a better medium than small paper flyers
  9. Offering quitting tools, not just coupons for quitting materials
  10. Taking harsher measures against indoor smokers and people who smoke too close to buildings
  11. Banning soda from campus (if we are banning cigarettes shouldn’t we limit people’s freedom to choose any unhealthy thing?)
  12. Promoting non-credit optional-attendance fitness classes
  13. More all campus events
  14. More spaces for all students to congregate
  15. More counseling staff
  16. Banning saga food in general
  17. More visibility for mental health issues
  18. Space heaters in the gazebo

– The Climax Staff

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