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A professional review of SAGA: A hall of fine dining

Jarbles Westlington Staff Writer SAGA, a “hall of fine dining,” came highly recommended. I hadn’t heard any specifics but from the little I did hear I could only imagine that “SAGA” referred to the culinary journey I was about to embark on. As I entered through swinging glass doors I remarked that the restaurant’s palate was … Continue reading


This is why

Mícheál Æsír Staff Writer I was sitting in the Prescott gazebo a few nights back, and realized a strong, surging feeling within me,the urge to party. While that could be the beginning of a bad poem, song, or Div III, for me it was a craving that almost approached a spiritual yearning. All semester long I … Continue reading


Our right to party

Michelle Lifson Managing Editor During my time at Hampshire, there has been buzz  about Residence Life and Housing Staff banning registered parties on campus altogether. I had put that ridiculous thought out of my mind until recently, when the rumor resurfaced in passing: “I heard they’re not going to allow us to throw parties at all … Continue reading


18 things that could improve campus health other than banning cigarettes

Healthier meat at saga, less processed foods Cleaning up students’ rooms before they come back to Hampshire Relatedly, fixing the mold problem in student living areas Try to offer foods healthier than pizza Keep the athletic centers open more often Promote information about smoking in a more efficient way than the occasional paper flyer Promote … Continue reading


A user’s guide to the ICU franchise

Ben Cowper Photography Editor From its inception as a Tumblr page to its current form as a fully featured missed connections website, ICU Hampy has revolutionized my pre-homework procrastination routine. Facebook, Email, Netflix, Wikipedia’s featured article, Zoo Tycoon,, Laundryview (just for shoots and googles), and ICU Hampy. ICU Hampy, moderated by the infamously mysterious “NG” … Continue reading